28. Frankenstein

Happy Halloween! In this very special, spooky episode of Adapt or Perish, we discuss Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus!

For this episode, we read, watched, and discussed:

  • Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s original 1818 novel, celebrating it’s 200th anniversary this year! Read it on iBooks or Amazon.
  • Frankenstein, 1931, directed by James Whale, starring Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein and Boris Karloff as the monster. Watch it on iTunes or Amazon.
  • The Bride of Frankenstein, 1935, directed by Whale, starring Clive and Karloff as Frankenstein and the monster, with Elsa Lanchester as both Mary Shelley and the titular bride. Watch it on iTunes or Amazon.
  • The Curse of Frankenstein, 1957, the Hammer Film Production, directed by Terence Fisher, starring Peter Cushing as Victor Frankenstein and Christopher Lee as the monster. Watch it on iTunes or Amazon.
  • Frankenstein: The True Story, the 1973 made for television movie, directed by Jack Smight, and written by Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy. It starred Leonard Whiting as Frankenstein, Michael Sarrazin as the monster, James Mason as Dr. Polidori, and Jane Seymour as “Prima.” Don’t watch it on Amazon.
  • Victor Frankenstein, 2015, directed by Paul McGuigan and written by Max Landis. It stars James McAvoy as Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe as Igor. Watch on iTunes or Amazon.
  • Young Frankenstein, 1974, directed by Mel Brooks and written by Brooks and Gene Wilder. Starring Gene Wilder as Frederick Frankenstein and Peter Boyle as the monster. Also starring Marty Feldman, Teri Garr, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Kenneth Mars, and Gene Hackman. Watch it on Amazon.
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, 1994, directed by Kenneth Branagh and written by Steph Lady and Frank Darabont. Starring Branagh as Frankenstein, Robert De Niro as the monster, and also starring John Cleese, Tom Hulce, Ian Holm, and Helena Bonham Carter. Watch on iTunes or Amazon.


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